Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween, Election Night, and NYC!!!!!

New York City is my FAVORITE!!!!!! We had a blast.  We did practically nothing, yet it didn't matter.  Ash and I were on a crazy picture spree, so we have tons.  Most of them are of us being idiots.  But that is what we do best.  Grimaldi's is probably the bast pizza, besides authentic pizza from Italy, in the world.  We walked through a little bit of Brooklyn, and if I had a ton of money, I would live on the bank of the Hudson, Brooklyn side.  

That night we went to Rockafeller Center.  Took tons of pictures and then went to Serendipity's.  I hate that place; it's trendy, over-priced, and the employees aren't nice.  We went anyways because most of the people had never been there.  We traveled by subway.  I wish we had that in SLC, it would make things so much easier. 

Sunday we went to Canal Street and the boys went to the Jazz game.  I took my friends to Roxy's.  Way over priced, but delightful.  Ash and I shared the huge hamburgers they have.  Oh, and what is it with restaraunts and thinking they can charge extra for sharing.  That is a ridiculous policy.  Anyway, we ended the night with going to Central Park.  I will admit that I was singing the "Enchanted" songs, in my headed, the whole time.  Somtimes I wish I was a princess, like Giselle.  That I could fall from the ledge of a billboard into the arms of my true love and figure it out within two days.  Only if life sould be so simple!     

Election night in Washington, DC is like a marathon in New York City.  There were people every where.  Let me tell you, I love Obama.  In the group picture, I was the only true happy person.  Every one else wanted McCain.  So those smiles, are fake!!!! 

Picture this; a flambouantly gay Walt Whitman (Kimball), his book of poetry trotting behind (Blake), and an elf (Me) skipping down the street. What a trio we made on Halloween.  Blake's book costume was amazing.  I don't think I have ever heard so many differnt languages yelled at someone for a picture. 


Hailey said...

"But Beth, she's painted a naked man before!!!"---ummm, who might this quote be referring to?

Dewey said...

hello beth, this is someone you know that is traveling around the world and talked to you last night on the phone in San Fran. I love you and thought i might say hi but your blog looks very fun and i hope you enjoy tour next couple days in DC
you'll have to figure my name out!

Dewey said...

i didn't know it would post me name. dang it. oh well