Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Days

I realized that I didn't have any pictures from my last days in DC. Oh, how I miss that place!!!!!!

My last night in DC. I walked around the Mall for a little while. Sat on the steps of the Lincoln. My favorite place in DC. Then ended the night at the White House. There was the main tree and then surrounding were little trees representing every state. Can you see the WH in the background?

Packing up to go home. My bed room was tiny. Three in one room...pretty cramped.

Last time at our favorite diner. They had the best milk shakes in the world. Check out the lady in the background. She was pretty crazy that night!

Happy hour with the co-workers. Last time I saw my boss, Mary Beth, and my intern, Mandy Li. Ya, I was emotional. I was surprised that MBB even started to cry when she said goodbye to me.

Our last visit to Maggianos with Dom, the best concierge in the world.

Ice skating in the sculpture gardens at the Mall.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Utah vs. BYU Game

These are random pictures from Thanksgiving in Delaware to Ashley and I just being our hilarious selves! Kimball and I went to Ryan and Camille's house. It was fun, declicious, and practically just like home. We went to this estate that has been turned into a garden/conservatory. It was absolutely incredible. All of the trees we decorated with Christmas lights. Honestly, if I could go back there to have my wedding or at least the engagement/bridal pictures, I would. The lights were a fabulous way of welcoming the Christmas season.

The Utah vs. BYU was amazing. We went to this bar that was for all Utah students and alumni. It was so packed that I was pretty much standing in the middle of the place. I didn't care as long as I could see the screen. The guy in the picture is JJ. One of the interns that I think is beautiful. Sometimes he reminds me of Daniel Day-Lewis on "Last of the Mohicans." Everyone thinks I have a weird style in boys, but seriously, I think he is gorgeous. Plus he has a great personality!!!!! (By the way, I hate it when people say that).
Anyways, the other pictures are us celebrating my roommate Miranda's 28th birthday. We went to eat Ethiopian food. Freak!!! Can you believe that I ate Ethiopian food? I can't. This was a very adventerous moment for me, and I was happily surprised. However, it probaly wasn't my favorite. The picture that I am making a funny face in, well the stuff I am holding looks like skin. Ya, and I had to eat it. If you saw it, you would probably make that face too!

The other two pictures of me and Ashley (aka the best roommate ever!) are us at the Utah Jazz vs. Washington Wizards game. We pretty much got killed at that game, b
ut you gotta represent. Also, the other pic is at our favorite place to eat. The American Diner. From the outsid
e it looks like a hole in the wall. Guess is! However, it is delicious and I love the atmosphere. We love it. Anyways, we are trying to look alive becasue we were dead tired and the pictures we had taken previously, well didn't turn out great. We
looked dead!