Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Fun

Pumpkin carving, the childhood traditions that never loose their luster.  AShley had the fabulous idea of pumpkin carving. We walked in the freezing cold DC wind to find the perfect pumpkin.  What a waste.  We found the one we wanted, adn then someone stole it right under our noses.  Oh well, the night was still wonderful.  Mitch, Blake, and John all joined in the carving.  I am so proud of John because he cleaned the pumpkin out, he was terrified of putting his hand in the seed goo.  I was in the kitchen making homemade hot chocolate, doing what I do best.  Loving every minute of it!  AS you can tell teh pumpkins are beautiful.  Blake is a huge fan of the Jazz, and I promise the other pumpkin is the Washington Monument!!!!!!

One little up
date.  I think Ashley and I were the first peopel 
from Salt Lake City/East High School to see "High School Musical 3."  It is probably the best movie ever created.  Not really! Anyway we had a blast going opening night at 12:01 am. Sometimes I have no idea what we are thinking.  If my expertise of sign language is correct, I think we spelled HS3 right.  

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