Thursday, September 18, 2008

Solid vs. Liquid

When it comes to making choices, I tend to lean more toward the solid, concrete alternatives and avoid the liquid, unstable ones.  When I think of solid I see mountains, the best kind of ice cream, home, and friends.  Liquid means water, always changing, and horrible ice cream.  I thought when I came to DC that I was leaving a solid life and an idea that would never change.  I was freaked, yet I was afraid of something different. 




Here I am, sitting in my apartment in a liquid situation.  Where even though I have a daily routine, things are always changing.  I couldn't be happier.  Why is it that some many of us are afraid of going along with the ebb and flow of life?  What is the beauty of having something so solid, that it ends up being boring and repetitive, almost like a cage?   What do you think, do you want a solid or liquid life?  If I could have perfection, there would be a bridge.  Connecting a solid foundation to the floating island.  I would have both.


MISS RANDI said...

ONE OF THE BEST POSTS I HAVE EVER READ BETHIE!! I miss you! I hope that you are enjoying every second out there!

Hailey said...

so, so, so proud of you. call me SOON.